Welcome to the Battlecreek Boutique!  We are Todd and Julie Taggart. When we bought this boutique, we felt so strongly that this opportunity was supposed to be ours (hard to explain, really).  We love our community and we decided that this was a unique and special platform to help our community come together, to learn, to grow and just be better off.  We want this to be more of an “experience” for our visitors.  We want to offer a wide variety of products to help ourselves, our families and our homes.  We also want to give back to the community by offering free classes, workshops, meetings, etc.

We are the parents of six amazing kiddos.  Todd is a physical therapist and I am a stay-at-home mom and do photography on the side.  We are now the proud owners of the Battlecreek Boutique and we are really excited for our new adventure!

Battlecreek Boutique is Utah County’s first and finest boutique! We started in 1980 and it has flourished and grown over the years into the well known show that it is today! We are a seasonal boutique – doing 3-4 shows a year at the Pleasant Grove Old Rec Center and other locations. We feature artists and crafters from all over Utah offering a variety of home décor, jewelry, crafts, clothing and accessories, scrapbooking, vinyl, candles, baby items and lots of yummy food!


You can contact us by clicking here.